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Wenzhou Meiquan Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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Wenzhou City MeiQuan Trading Co.,Ltd is a professional fastener manufacturing company, which subordinates to Zhejiang YILE Standard Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. It integrates design, development, production and sales.

Our company possesses domestic and foreign advanced fastener production devices, equips multifunctional cold headers of four-model-four, five-model-five and six-model-six, so far our factory has equipped more than 300 set machines in total. And total workers are more than 250, among them half are technology workers.

We are specialied in axle bolts, flange bolts, disc brakes bolts, step screws, anti slip screws, frame screws, small machine screws and high strenth bolts and nuts, as well as stainless steel products, including different kinds of nuts, washers, pins and rivets. Those products are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, electrocar, electro-tricycle, bicycle, electric tool, sports equipment and other industries.

The experience accumulated in the past more than ten years, makes our company techniques well versed in anti-loose of fastener, hydrogen embrittlement risk reduction and high salt mist resistance. Moreover, we have successfully passed the certification of ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system.

With excellent management, a galaxy of talents, and based on the purpose of " product innovation, high-end quality", the company stands in the market by its sincerity service. In future, MeiQuan will make progress together with new and regular customers adhering the attitude of " Gratitude and humility".

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Mr. Yu 经理
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